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It was such a sweet tribute to me. The Times of India. The Times Of India.

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The director had made Madhavan audition for a role in the film but turned him down citing that "he thought his eyes were too young" and assured "that they would work together some other time". The film explores the tensions of married life and the maturing of love.

Madhavan Shalini Music by A. The Times Of India. Keerthanm from the original on 9 July Jayaraman Venkatraman October 8, at 1: Shakti proceeds to wake up from her coma and the two reconcile, admitting their enduring love for one another.

Is it all right, is it proper, and is it Dharma? He eventually agrees, but by kedrthanam time they reach her house, Shakti's father passes away.

Alaipayuthey - Wikipedia

During the first seven days of the shoot, Mani Ratnam filmed portions featuring Shalini and made Madhavan stay on keertthanam sets and watch his process of film-making. It also carried a very popular soundtrack, composed by A.

Archived from the original on 10 February Archived from the original on 12 February Archived from the original on 22 December The actress appeared without make-up in the film and also dubbed her own lines.

They continue to bump into each other on local trains that they both use alaipayuthwy their daily commute and eventually fallen in love. The film also required two leading actors to appear in supporting roles with Kushboo roped in to do a role.

Karthik pursues Shakti aggressively and proposes marriage; Shakthi, however, is reluctant. The two stop talking to each other. The film began a successful film career for Madhavan and launched him as a " romantic hero ". Anupallavi Completely upset, I stood like a rock, Not understanding the passage of time, Oh very peculiar holder of flute, my mind Charanam The clear moon light is burning me like the morning sun, My eye brows are crunching seeing the side, where you are, The well ripened music of your flute is coming in the air, My eye balls are going in and I am feeling peculiar, Are you trying to make me happy by giving the picture of some one?

Archived from the original on 26 December Are you giving me dancing anklets like the waves of the sea of art which appears like the light of Sun?

Thanks a lot Sir for translating tamizh songs. Karthik declines, citing her father's hatred of him as the main reason. Anonymous Kerethanam 23, at 1: Smitha bn June 13, at Sriram renewed his collaboration with Mani Ratnam after seven years, with the director toggling between Santosh Sivan and Rajiv Menon for his other projects.

However, when Shakti's older sister Poorni Swarnamalya is on the verge of getting engaged, developments ensue resulting in Shakti's parents attempting to fix her marriage to the groom Raghu's alaipatuthey brother Shyam Karthik Kumar. Karthik and Shakti start living together and while all goes well for a while, they soon find that marriage is not as easy as they expected and living under the same roof results in a large number of conflicts.

The film's story is mostly recollected in flashbacks by Karthik Madhavanon how he and Shakthi Shalini fall in love against the backdrop of Chennai and its suburban trains, against the wishes of their parents.

Alaipayuthey Kanna

Alaipayuthey goes backward and forward in time and the movement holds a thin thread of suspense too. The film began without an official launch, like other Mani Ratnam projects, and it was initially expected that filming would be wrapped up under four months. Archived from the original on 15 December The oscillation from joy and levity to seriousness and sorrow creates impressive waves", The lead pair performance was praised saying, "Shalini once again proves that she is a natural performer while Madhavan sails through the litmus test with ease".

I am starting a film with you", much to the actors' surprise.

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