Including funky Amiga-tracker intros and a rocking picture cover with Bo Marley in action. All infos over HERE! Two new cracking disrupt versions of Jahtari killah riddims on this hissing low end beauty NET-7": Well, that's us allright.

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Well, that's us allright. Two nice Jahtari jambsasa recordings from this summer are available for download now. All for free - free for all. All giving a nod to the great, undying myths and aesthetics of Samurai fiction, movies - and awesome arcade games!

Battle starts over HERE.

We got a very limited stock in our shop over HEREso be quick! The name " disrupt " is dropped there somewhere What you hear now is the result of when analogue gear jambaassa to its limits clashes with a sensi-circuit-bent Laptop. Introducing masters like Julien Neto aka.

Addis Zemen Remix feat. Dan I, Sista Awa, Jambassa, Dubzoic, Mannaroman - taynaweb.xyz

Apart from lots of other goodness there'll be a disrupt live set on Saturday, with MC wizard Solo Banton on the mic. Two new cracking disrupt versions of Jahtari killah riddims on this hissing jamvassa end beauty NET-7": A sure winner full of hits, this grooving beauty is bound to make you dance while grinning from ear to ear.

Two fresh cassettes are ready on our heap in the Jahtari mixtape section:. Every groove of it is filled to the max with deadly basslines, smashing delays and infinte deepness, just waiting to be discovered in full detail.

jambassa: them never love the flowers by dub one

Listen in over HER E! One more from the "awesome updates" department: With your contribution you're supporting a cool project and the artists directly. Prepare for beats as sharp as a battle sword, clashing blades, deadly moves of Ninja swiftness and basslines coming straight from the six paths of hell.

All taking place within the amazing Handbaked Arcade setup - so you can play old-school SEGA games while skanking to the heavy Jahtari bass! Read all about it HERE. The CD is compiled by matt b. Three heavy tunes by Blaze DemJohn Frumdisrupt from our upcoming label compilation album - plus an exclusive and new cut of Rootah 's " Holy Mount " appear here on this beautiful record.

All tunes come with a rough live feel, occasional madness and lots of built-in vibes. Listen in and get a copy over HERE!

Jambassa - GetSongBPM

Among other gems there's a wicked new Jambassa track on it, "Underground Railroad". Fine track selection throughout the show, give it a full listen over HERE.

All the fashion details HERE! Check this very funny - and also very enlightening - video about Arbeit 2. So you can get bored HERE while disrupt rumbles on about all that in German, sorry - and have a look at how the nice stencil design gets sprayed onto our JTRinch! If you're in Glasgow: A jambwssa album version, containing two new tracks, plus a fine new 12" on WERK to come soon as well.

Addis Zemen Remix feat. Dan I, Sista Awa, Jambassa, Dubzoic, Mannaroman

Jahtarian Dubbers - out on 12" vinyl!!! Download them all in finest raw cassette quality over HERE!

Or the mighty Afrikan Simba himself, who gives a stunning glimpse of his upcoming apperance on a kicking Rootah EP that's currently underway. Read all the details, watch some funny pics from the sessions and listen in over HERE.

You knew that this one would be coming: Check the awesome almost- toasting towards the end of jamabssa tune by Mary in her unmistakable style!

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