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Home Zagreb Adriatic Dubrovnik Istria. My world is their world, no matter our differences in age. Everything has its own dramaturgy, and a meaning in the whole. Because of their love for music, they are more similar to me than certain individuals from my own generation.

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What has to occur, will occur. About Contact us Policy Support. In my live performances, aave is always a unique level of concentration. On her return to her homeland she appeared in two American films: We have our culture, we have our pride, and an open heart for everyone knocking at the door.

Josipa Lisac - Ave Maria (Rock Opera - Gubec Beg) Chords - Chordify

I would like to lusac an album with Croatian ethno music. Because of their love for music, they are more similar to me than certain individuals from my own generation. After we recorded it, there was this strange situation where av were thanking me for being part of their music, while I had the feeling I should be thankful to them for allowing me to contribute. It is so impressive to age how music connects people. Thankfully, I never had problems with that.

Get the latest travel tips, recommendations and advice you won't find anywhere else, written by leading local experts, journalists and bloggers. I was very pleased that they did so, even more when I discovered just how great the song was.

What can we expect after the show? I am also happy to work with younger generations of musicians.

I wish to give the best of me, and for the audience to see it. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form.

Are you working on any new projects? I watched the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival the other day, and was really impressed with the looks of it. What can you say to our foreign readers about Croatia? Some people use all kinds of stage gadgets, like light maris and smokescreens, but it can actually create a barrier between the performer and the audience.

Yes, I will be working on more concerts laughs. Events Destinations Download Magazines. What can people expect from your upcoming concert in Pula Arena?

I remember how Karlo Metikos known as Matt Collins to western audiences once watched a performance of mine in Croatia.

Even silence and the sound of taking a breath are important.

On the other hand, I go through life with the philosophy that everything bound to happen will happen. I think that is my biggest accomplishment as maaria artist.

It is a world largely undiscovered, even to local musicians. Only Dalmatia manages to promote its klapa singingbut the sounds of Medimurje or Slavonia remain unknown.

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If I were born in the west, maybe I would have a bigger career. In total Gubec Beg was seen by almost half a million people. So to answer your question, lisaf audience can expect a lot of emotion.

Josipa Lisac is a very recognizable name, and not just to Croats. Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. My world is their world, no matter our differences in age.

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