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I remember when this place had thousands of people on it at a time. Lol December 27, , Niall on January 18, ,

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I was banned in March of December 20, O December 13, RuneAgent wololo Member Posts: The fact that google still remembers my password to here is amazing December 19, Not to be stuck up but it wasn't When you move topics from the rubbish bin to another section, they aren't stickies any more. Jesus, when did they add a shoutbox? Epic One Member Posts: Most people come to moparscape only to play with the fudgeing Silabsoft client.

Any body play Silab Client?

He didn't know if this was a sticky or not. Niall on January 18, So no this does not clieent a sticky.

How come nobody elses clients get stickied Tf mopar get a shoutbox December 31, Mr John Guthan Member Posts: To be honust the "Silabsoft" Client has no right to be stickied, it doesnt help anyone whats so ever.

Logged Dogs Client server IP: Because I didn't know if it was a sticky before it was deleted. Not silah be stuck up but it wasn't, Siab i have the reason it it was stickied "Which it wasn't" why it should be un-stickied.

October 04, December 30, Fridder Silabsoft client version Now Downloadable.

December 24, Then this is the site for you! Can't believe I could login.

Logged mikescott Member Posts: Decreased cache size New cache loading system to pervent heaps removed any models that use 2. Dogs Client server IP: TiGer on January 18, In solab that i may have to remove the webclient due to a presistant dmca notice, here is a download for the silabclient current version: Click me if your a silab Fan!

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Ya this wasn't stickied and this pic is why people dont like silab client. Go there if you want to help. Niall, Stickying this will only create more noobs who are only active on server status page, this is a community to learn right? I remember when this place had thousands of people on it at a time. si,ab

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