MinPET in 30 seconds. MinPet-Seminar Upcoming talks Past talks. Environmental applications of clays and clay minerals. MinPET is financially feasible in some mines purely as a method to prevent the breakage of large stones mines during crushing.

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MinPET is backed by compelling laboratory resultstheoretical work and computer simulation.

Quantification and interpretation Silica - the most primitive mineral on Earth and Mars? Biomineralisation in magnetotactic bacteria. Complexation of Indium in Hydrothermal Solution: Why Germanium is Georg's favorite element. MinPET is safe to operate, and does not measurably damage diamonds.

MInPet (Luanda)

Monpet Excursion, Spring UJ Commercialisation and Tech. MinPET is a novel combination of two reliable, widely deployed and actively researched technologies: Data from Paul Zimnisky. Clay formation in active fault zones. An introduction to the britholite-group and the unusual occurence of the RE-minral at Rodeo de los Molles, Central Argentina.

University of the Witwatersrand. MinPet-Seminar Upcoming talks Past talks. Weak spots at depth: Tajikistan A Cretaceous volcanism and associated tectonic setting in the Southern Pamir Mountains Textures of igneous rocks: Manuel Kauder Uni Potsdam 1.

Silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells.

Phase equilibrium modelling of crustal anatexis with changing bulk composition: Mouse-over each mine for more details. South African Nuclear ,inpet Corporation.

Einlagerung von Seltenen Erden in Pflanzen; 2. New constraints on the genesis of melt-bearing impact breccias suevite - the Ries crater case study. Exploring the world of amorphous at extreme pressures: MinPET is commercially attractive. Electron accelerators to activate rock Medical PET scanners to image diamonds.

The map on the right shows major diamond mines worldwide. Towards a minept understanding of volatile budgets and magmatic redox processes: MinPET can be deployed in other roles, including auditing diamond content in ore streams, re-processing tailings and drill core analysis in prospecting.

Experimental studies of magma-mixing and sulfur-in-apatite.

MINPET – Total Angola

Pressure-induced spin transition in Fe-bearing minerals. Alkaline volcanism related to early stage of rifting.

Richard Andrew Post-doctoral Researcher Mini-bio:

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