Dhafer youssef discography

Eivind est pour moi une sorte de Krishna. He starts discovering the potential of his voice and finds his calling. The resonances produced by his voice in that cavernous place fascinate him, nourishing his ardent juvenile curiosity: Diwan Of Beauty And I have no advice of distributor or catalog number artist's site:

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Dhafer Youssef | Album Discography | AllMusic

I went to listen to lots of music: Along with the European jazz melodic structures, the Mediterranean groove takes a particular form. Birds Requiem Okeh buy.

Look for it, then click the link to activate your account. Abu Nawas Rhapsody Jazzland Recordings buy.

A Tunis, il rejoint le Conservatoire de Nahj Zarkoun. I was doing something completely different each month and at every gig, people would come up and ask about the music.

Dhafer Youssef

Get Jazz Near You A weekly events guide. Dhafer Youssef official site: A probing introspection flows, in spite of his often-virtuosic musical gifts. Search Photos by youxsef tag. Jazz Story I love jazz because every artist's rendition of a work is different.

Gigs are generally flagged well in advance, here: Youssef turnt dabei einen geschickten Spagat zwischen geographischen Ethnien und musikalischen Stilen.

He has managed the feat of bringing the Oud, an instrument foreign to the jazz to get it out of its traditional role and form and creatively confront it with various musical genres from electro music to jazz.

Youssef isn't the only oudist making vital new music that incorporates the millennial music of his cultural upbringing with broader stylistic interests. He only needs to be what he is: Abu Nwas Rhapsody paints, perhaps, the broadest picture of Yosusef of any single album to date, with its focus on a consistent lineup and the resultant chemistry. My Content Membership has its privileges!

ARAB TUNES الإيقاعات العربية: Dhafer Youssef ظافر يوسف

Louage Odd Elegy 6. Archaic Feathers "Birds Requiem" Suite 9. He was at the heart of the first quartet I played with.

Sie ist mein Kompagnon, sie soll zufrieden sein, genau wie ich selbst. His voice flows from the top of the minaret.

L'Ange Aveugle Dhafer Youssef: A boy walks along a deserted shoreline picking up the odds and ends he finds lying around: Birds Requiem October 1. Without forgetting the artistic identity that he forged through his experience and permanent search for sonorities, Dhafer Youssef carries dahfer transcending genres.

Divine Shadows March 1. Sa voix jaillit du haut du minaret. Les Ondes Orientales 3. A biographer-in-brief Hantu Laut recently described Abu Nawas as 'one of the greatest classical Arabic and Persian poets', before adding, 'He openly wrote about things that Islam forbade.


Sign in or sign up to upload and share your publicity or live event photos. Man Of Wool 7. By Charu Suri Member since: After a successful first night, he is offered a carte blanche and starts a series of monthly concerts at the club.

Abu Nawas Rhapsody Year Released:

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