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Replaced the regular expression engine. Some valid combinations were not being accepted, and the key mappings were not being listed correctly. I think I may regret this. Revised the documentation to reflect the many recent changes, upgraded the documentation's images.

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Changed to target Java runtime version 1. Until recently I wrote programs only for Windows, but like many, I have noticed that Microsoft's originally positive behavior and attitude toward its customers has gradually evaporated, replaced by an increasingly fascist policy — greater profit, less time wasted improving its products. Oracle's versioning system is less than useless.

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Added error-trapping code to prevent inadvertent mangling of documents in the event that the user-selected character encoding doesn't match that of the document being read or written. Official Arachnophilia Icons For the big Arachnophilia icon 91 x 73right-click here: When you download Arachnophilia, I don't require you to call me up to "activate" my software. Arachnophilia now supports Unicode. Fixed a few other, lesser bugs. This ZIP file contains only the executable file arach.

This is actually a bug in Java, but I was able to create a fix.


There is no Microsoft program at any price that can do this. Users are reminded that a chosen character encoding located at "File Fixed a raft of bugs that accompanied first release. The routine was converting the content of tags as well as the tag delimiters in HTML documents.

Restored the function of the syntax color editing dialog in response to regressive feature drift within arrachnophilia Java Swing toolkit collection.

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This fix may or may not work on a Macintosh, I cannot test it. It is almost the first thing a new user sees, and it isn't possible to view the help file until a browser has been located. After a first-day flood of bug reports from people who haven't bothered to download the correct Java runtime version, I have reluctantly added a dialog that checks the Java runtime and, if necessary, tells the user to download the correct verison.

Changed file-type testing in the Right-Click Wizard. Now folders are selected in the left window, and files in the right.

Read Arachnophilia's Revision History. So now there are two system macros that do the job: Here are the current checksum values:. Among the new features are a complete change to XHTML syntax and conventions, a syntax validator and interactive error correcting system, a araachnophilia that because of the change to XHTML now can work reliably, and many other changes, listed and described in the documentation.

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It has recently been discovered that Windows XP users may have parts of their operating system replaced by Microsoft while they are on line, without any overt notification or permission. Added a much-requested feature that allows the user to submit an alternative configuration directory on the command line see "Advanced Arachnopnilia for more detail.

Fixed a bug that prevented reestablishment of syntax coloring after a file content update, enabled first-key navigation in the file picker dialog. Click here to download a complete Netbeans project archive 1. Improved the friendliness and archnophilia of the browser configuration dialog. Read more about Microsoft's recent behaviors on my Boycott Microsoft page.

Improved the documentation WRT an FTP issue, included a few missing syntax-coloring classes inadvertently omitted from the prior release. Added some entries to the FAQ list. If it has any contents below the dashed line, include the entire contents in your bug report especially the first line.

This feature had stopped working because of recent changes in Java, but is again functional. Run Arachnophilia Those who downloaded the Windows install program:

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