Together these laws granted substantial power to district governments, but they also created new and complicated problems for decentralized government. District governments also have received little capacity-building support to enable them to appropriately implement decentralization policies and good forest resource governance in a democratic and participatory manner. The private sector controls the market of forest products but the legislative arm of government cannot control the private sector while military institutions directly or indirectly support them. De-concentration is the transfer of authority from the central level to provincial governors or to local branches of central government institutions.

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One can question where the local community found the money to hire these large trucks — information from the field suggests private companies with large resources hired the communities to protest. At the end ofthere were more than illegal sawmills; by early that had increased to more than illegal sawmills.

The key question could be: Policy Options The existence of shadow institutions that influence the management of natural resources through financial influence should be minimized. Some have occupied secondary forests and ex-concession areas for household plantations.

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This information is stored in a government registry. The politics of policy-making have always involved the role of these shadow institutions; hence most policies do not represent public interest and development goals.

Land use and spatial planning by the provincial and district governments have created another problem, resulting in a mismatch between the spatial planning maps Peta Tata Ruang developed by each. File Finance Available after registration History Available after registration Details Available after registration Alerts Available after registration Lawsuits Available after registration Licenses 7 Available after registration Tax 0 Available after registration Relations Beta Available after registration Trade Available after registration Date of update: Click here to annates up.

We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Subscribe to the newsletter. Skip to main content. Because of their advocacy, NGO personnel have been intimidated by military officials, informal civil security guards from private company, or by community members whose livelihoods are dependent upon the forest company.

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The decentralization of authority without appropriate devolution processes or control mechanisms has resulted in the decentralization of opportunistic behavior that is in direct opposition to the development of good local forest governance.

These communities will defend the logging companies or forest industries if these companies face legal action with regard to illegal forest exploitation, protesting any effort to close down forest industries on which their livelihoods have become dependent.

Most illegal logging activities involve the misuse of power to manipulate formal authority, rules and regulations. In this paper we discuss some of the counterproductive impacts of decentralization, and explore possible mechanisms to prevent or minimize negative behaviors in order to support accountability in local forest governance.

However, the policy for community based forest resource management will be difficult to implement since the central government imposes too many restrictions. The demand for democratic government that grew from a disgruntled population upset with the corrupt New Order regime resulted in a new cabinet and a civilian government.

If community members do not sell their timber to this company, forestry officials will confiscate their chainsaws. This paper also reviews some of the impacts of decentralization at the national and provincial levels in the ways that decentralization relates to forest resource governance.

The returned land should be placed under the authority of the central government, which issued the permit, but the community forced the district government to issue an official letter endorsing their claim. New Pressures on the Environment and Indigenous Communities.

There are many examples of unauthorized land conversions endorsed by district governments without approval from the provincial and central governments, in violation of policy. Level up to silver. Follow your favourite athletes, horses and events. Some districts have developed organizational structures that are large and consume too much of the funding allocated by the central government through its general budget allocation Dana Alokasi Umum, DAU.

The private sector, including forest industries, concession companies, capital owners, and exporters, play key roles in shaping the patterns of forest governance in Jambi. Historical anaets of access to the national budget, development opportunities, and policy development authority further complicate the relationship between these levels of government. Data protection policy We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

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And access free exclusive content. Decentralization includes not only the transfer of power, but also access and use rights over forest resources. The bupati appoints the officials of the technical services Dinas. Keep me logged in.

The denuding of forests has caused erosion in turn resulting in sedimentation of many of the rivers and their tributaries.

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