He was such a great man who made immense contribution to ICTs in Zambia. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for informati Friday, January 4, Finally, the digital technology is here and radio stations can stream their broadcast on the Internet.

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Mark Bennett, founder of ZAMNET, Zambia’s first ISP has died

How come i never heard of him? Mark, I remember you as a bushy-haired geek from my days at the university, working ever so zajnet to create ZAMNET, whose impact in latter years I never really envisaged in those days.

For that i am ashamed. That sounds a good idea. Mr Bennett acted as MD for the first 2 years of its zajnet, installed campus-wide network and introduced the Internet into academic life at University of Zambia. Sincewe proudly provide Unlimited Web Hosting backed by Web Design and Hosting.

Zamnet Communications

Because you were studying evening classes when everyone who knew him had knocked off. You just complained about the business proposal and the world bank approved him that kind of money.

Now the better ones has died, remaining with the useless. Blessings for his family and prayers for them.

You zament Bill Sangiwa offered me my first job straight from the university without looking at my experience. We are the Pioneers of Internet in Zambia. My heart and prayers go to the bereaved family. Dead after a short zannet Lesson for the rest of us; when you have excellent ideas, put in a proposal and sell it to the World, not just our local banks who will in most cases not accept, as you have no collateral.

I hope that the company has a strong system of administration so that it can function even without him. These are the people who deserve to be zambet and awarded by the State instead of just cadres; even posthumously will do. We need that in our country too, some of us we are here zamney these good opportunities of bank loans and credit cards, that we lack in zambia, if we can manage to get all this to work a lot of businesses in zambia can pick up.

Rest in peace mark. Dancing With White Shadows: Mark worked tirelessly 24 x 7 and achieved milestones for UNZA.

Rest in Eternal Peace of the Lord Mark. I had the privilege to work with Mark when the Zamnet was being formulated and it was a pleasure to see how genuine selflessness manifests.

ZAMNET - Wikipedia

Zambia will always treasure your contribution to the computer revolution in this great nation. I remember his working culture; hard worker, diligence, focused, selfless. Mark has left an indelible mark in the history of the Internet in Zambia.

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The pioneers on internet and networking are not even being remembered. If we can introduce credit scores, where everything is based on your credit scores not how much money you have in the account a lot of business minded people will do a…. But still i have learnt something from his passing that certain people are out there who work for the common good. You were a true patriot and loved this country much more than some of us so-called indigenous who do nothing but loot and mismanage the country.

He is the investor and outside visionary Zambia always needs. Mark Bennett, left England in the s with his young family, for a university of Zambia job zamnwt introduce computers to Zambia.

Now people are busy using the internet for insults!

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