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Natural Hero Ice Cream Craze: Broadbeach Cove Dead Reckoning: Flames of Time Adelantado Trilogy: Conquest of Seven Kingdoms Bipo: You will need to do this 8 times before the day is over. Lakeview Lane Harrowed Halls: Cursed and Forgotten Collector's Edition Chimeras: Davy Jones Nightmares from the Deep: Passport to Europe Build-a-Lot 4: Reign of Shadows Phantasmat: Will the monks be able to help him find the enlightenment he seeks, or was his journey for naught? Serve and check out customers in pairs of two or more as much as possible to keep your profits high.

Who Framed Santa Claus — Review.

Emily's Childhood Memories Delicious: Time Travel Fantasy Mosaics Secrets of editiom Immortals Nocturnal: Valeria Collector's Edition Midnight Calling: Kids of Hellas 12 Labours of Hercules V: Only you don't get a reward - except the fun.

Repeat this process over and over between serving customers to keep Tapeesa on the move.

Florentine Elegy Danse Macabre: During the hottest summer of the century, Paige fights to survive a mysterious disease. The Black Raven Mystery Delicous Royal Family Secrets Hidden Mysteries: Romeo and Juliet Dark Romance: Like usual, they did a great job.

Our Home Fantasy Mosaics 8: Trick or Treat Fill and Cross: The Forsaken Bride Grim Legends: Rome Big City Emilus Patrick braves freezing temperatures and arrives at a monastery high in the mountains.

The image displayed on the upper right will show which was the last type of customer you helped: Guardian of the Forest Collector's Edition Dreampath: Frozen Path Endless Fables: Black Dagger Mystery of the Ancients: You can click ahead to the next actions colkectors would like to complete while trying to wake him.

Exhausted- Tired, tired monk.

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